Why You Should Consider Solar Inverters For Your Residential Solar Power Project

solar inverters

A solar inverter is also known as PV inverter or DC to AC inverter, which is a form of direct electrical conversion device that converts the variable direct current (DCR) output of a solar photovoltaic solar cell to a standard alternating current (AC). These solar inverters are very useful to convert DC into AC in your household electrical system for domestic use. You will find many different brands in the market but the one which is specially designed to cater to your residential solar power requirements is considered best. It is widely recommended by experts to install these solar inverters at home as they are safe and efficient.

Types of Solar Inverters

There are two types of solar inverters namely the ones that can be fixed at a particular location on your rooftop and those that are portable. While installing the fixed solar inverters on your rooftop, you need to contact your utility provider to secure the right installation and a licensed electrician to install them for you. On the other hand, when installing the portable ones you will need to ensure that they are properly connected to the utility grid and that the circuit breaker is fitted. This is done to prevent any mishap at night or during inclement weather.

Solar panels and their PV cells produce electricity from DC solar energy. To store this DC energy, these solar inverters are fitted with what is called DC to AC converters. These DC to AC inverters convert the DC energy into AC electricity at an optimum level. For optimum results, these inverters are often equipped with a switching facility that allows the automatic switching of the DC energy to the correct alternating current required for domestic applications.

Different kinds of solar inverters are available in the market today. For example, you can buy microinverters that are suitable for household usage at the fraction of the cost of the big ones. At the same time, you can also purchase strings or single module string inverters that will last you for almost 25 years. String inverters are ideal for small to medium-sized installations.

Another kind of solar inverter that you can invest in is the complete DC to AC conversion or DC to AC power inverters. The advantages of investing in this kind of inverter are that they can produce all alternating currents easily. They are simple to install. And even if they are installed incorrectly, they will still function effectively. As a result, they are highly recommended over the other conventional types of inverters for your home electric grid.

solar inverters


As mentioned above, there are two main purposes for which you can use a solar inverter. First, it can convert the DC energy produced by the solar panels into AC electricity. Second, it can revert the AC power to DC electricity. These two functions are known as utility solar inverters. Your main purpose for installing a utility solar inverter should be to use it for connecting to the main power grid of your area.

When you are looking for a solar inverter for your home energy system, you should invest in the one that can provide you with the most convenient features. It is always a better idea to purchase a unit that offers the maximum number of inputs. In other words, you should purchase a solar charger and a converter for every input. A good utility inverter for your home requires at least four input devices. In addition to that, it should have a battery backup facility.

If you want to go solar, you need to choose an inverter that is capable of generating enough energy to meet your home’s electricity needs. A residential solar panel system requires at least eight hours of sunlight per day to work properly. It is a better idea to get a unit that can function for at least twelve hours of sunlight. Make sure that your inverter has sufficient inputs so that you can generate enough electricity to operate your appliances and lighting in your home. A solar inverter is a good investment for anyone who wants to go solar.