Tips On Choosing The Best Solar Battery

solar battery storage

Solar battery storage systems are available today that allow any home to utilize renewable solar energy. Solar energy is clean and abundant, cheap and sustainable. Many people are now taking advantage of this abundant source of free energy. For most homes, solar batteries storage is the last-minute addition to an already complete electrical plan.


Initially only considered as a deep cycle absorbent, most solar battery storage systems are made of dual electrolytes: Lead-acid and Nickel-metal hydride. To select top-rated units, rated capacity, longevity and overall user satisfaction. If your home is hooked up to the local electric grid, you need not worry about your solar panels not producing enough energy to fulfil all of your power needs. If your home has enough sun, your home can use 100% of the energy it produces from the sun!

There are two types of storage systems: fully built units or homemade. Fully built storage systems require construction expertise and costly installation. These units include everything necessary to produce electricity including solar cells, charge controller, battery, etc. This type of system can take several years to pay for itself, depending on how much you can use and how much you pay for your unit. One drawback to this is that you will be responsible for maintaining and repairing your unit.

Homemade battery systems are a combination of two or three different components. A lead-acid flooded battery with a charge controller. A couple of small silicone hydride chips or polymer disks. All of these components are combined to create a homemade battery system that will not only store excess electricity produced by the solar panel but also continuously produce electricity even when the solar panel is not producing any.

solar battery storage

Pros and Cons

The biggest drawback to solar battery systems is that they are dependent upon luck – there is no guarantee that the solar array will be sunny for an entire day. Similarly, there is no guarantee that the chips or polymer disks will have sufficient capacity to store the excess electricity produced by the panel. It is also important to note that even though your battery system may have adequate capacity to store electricity, this doesn’t mean that the amount you receive is consistent. You must store electricity received from your solar battery systems over a long-term period to ensure substantial savings on your monthly electricity bills.

Another option to reduce electricity costs is to generate your electricity. This may be a daunting task for most households, especially those who live in relatively remote areas where they would face a serious disadvantage if they tried to generate their electricity. The main disadvantage of generating your electricity is that it requires specialized equipment which is quite expensive. Moreover, it is quite difficult to generate enough solar energy to negate the effects of peak power periods and to compensate for the partial loss caused by solar panel’s inability to store excess energy produced during off-peak hours.


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