Solar Ground Mounts – Installing Your Solar Panels on the Ground

solar ground mounting

Do you want to know more about the solar panel ground mounting system? There are some solar panels out there that need to be mounted onto a surface to get the solar cells to collect solar energy. You can buy a solar panel ground mounting kit that is made specifically for this purpose. These solar panels come with a bracket, clamp, and a holding plate.


The solar panel ground mounting system does not require screws or any type of permanent hardware. This system is easy to install. All it takes is one simple step. You just screw in the solar panel into a good location on your roof. This system will have your solar panel securely in place and you can just leave it.

It is important to have your solar panel ground mounting installed by a professional. You do not want to screw something in the solar cells that can be broken and cause damage. You can call around and see who is available in your area. If you live in a large metropolitan area you may have a few options.


Some solar panel ground mounting companies offer free installation. You will have to bring the solar cells into the business to have them mounted. The actual solar panel will be on site when the employees arrive. The solar cells will be removed once the job is completed and safely stored back in the factory. This can be a hassle, but if you have enough space you may want to consider this option. However, many solar panel ground mounting businesses do not offer this type of service.

If you do not have the time or do not feel comfortable doing the work yourself, then this solar panel ground mounting option may be for you. You will simply need to find a company that offers this service and have the solar panels mounted for you. You will simply be responsible for the cost of installation.

solar ground mounting

It is very important to have the solar panel mounted properly. You do not want the solar panel to be leaning on the road. You also do not want it to be resting on a slope because this can reduce the efficiency of your solar generating system.

Mounting Systems

A solar panel mounting system that does not work properly will also reduce the life of your solar panels. If the mounts are not properly installed, your solar panel will not generate as much electricity as it should. When the solar panels wear out, they will produce less energy than they are designed to do. This reduced energy production will reduce your savings and could potentially cost you more money as you are paying more for your electric bill in the end.

Installing a solar panel ground mounting system will allow you to take advantage of solar power for your home. There are so many benefits but solar panel ground mounting is one of the best ways to utilize solar power at home. Make sure to contact a company in your area to see if they offer solar panel ground mounting services.

Grounding Kits

Grounding kits are a convenient and easy way to mount solar panels. You can install them yourself. This is the easiest way to go about mounting your solar panels. If you are new to solar panel installations then ground mounting maybe your best option. It can also be the most affordable way of solar panel installation.

If you choose solar panel mounts that are not designed for ground installation then you are likely to experience problems with them and will have to replace them faster than if you bought your solar panels direct from the manufacturers. These mounts are made to be flexible so they can adapt to many different locations. They are usually made out of an epoxy resin material which can provide the solar panels with plenty of durabilities.

Before installing solar ground mounting you need to know exactly how many solar panels you will need to cover the area that you are going to place them. Make sure that you do not put too many solar panels on one level as this can cause the mounts to buckle or come loose. If you want to know more about solar ground mounting, you can speak to a solar panel installation expert at your local hardware store.